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cnm training solutions limited is an experienced company, established in 2004 in the UK, delivering Asbestos Training - Licensed Removal,  Non-Licensed Asbestos Training for the Trades and Licensed to Asbestos Removal Contractors, Construction, Demolition.

Asbestos Awareness training to companies not involved in the removal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM''s) but require the knowledge to prevent disturbing ACMs in the course of their daily work.

Non-Licensed Asbestos training for the Trades, applicable for those workers who's companies policy is to carry out works on ACM's.

Licensed Training for licensed contractors who undertake asbestos removal.

The regulations specify that work carried out on ACM''s shall not breach those regulations, there are Approved Codes of Practice &  ACoPs for which the minimum must be followed. Asbestos Training is vital to anyone who may come into contact or disturb asbestos during their daily course of work.

cnm training solutions limited provides UK wide training. We specialise in bringing the training to you reducing your carbon footprint and ours. cnm delivers solutions to training needs making training achievable and cost effective by charging a daily rate rather than per delegate, we work with your company delivering your companies policies and procedures to your people and delivering solutions for the whole company.

cnm also offer other relevant courses to the industry, site management auditing, H&S Training.

Our annual audits of competence and compliance are provided by Asbestos Management Auditing Company (AMAC)

We train across the UK and actively support the HSE Campaigns Including the 2011 HSE Asbestos Training Pledge via our association with IATP we also support local business networks / enterprises, asbestos related organisations and charities.

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USEFUL LINKS - November 2011

There is a wealth of information available regarding Asbestos, listed here are useful links to the enforcing agencies that deal directly with Asbestos Removal, Disposal and all areas relevant. This page also contains Victim Support Group links and other resources.


A list of recommended reading relating to asbestos removal / works etc


Statistics indicate that it is estimated that One in Eight of all workers throughout the Trades Industries are unaware of Asbestos, it's whereabouts or the danger of being exposed to Asbestos.

HSE LINKS - November 2011

HSE Campaigns, Links and e-learning tools


Work in the Trades Sector? Chances are you may disturb Asbestos.. Asbestos does it affect you?

Core Services include:

  • New Induction and Refresher Licensed Asbestos Removal Operative Training
  • New Induction and Refresher  Licensed Asbestos Removal Supervisor Training
  • New Induction and Refresher Licensed Asbestos Removal Manager / Director Training
  • New Induction and Refresher for Operative Scaffolder Supervisor Manager / Director
  • Supervisory Licence Holder (SLH)
  • Confined Spaces Awareness
  • Manual Handling Awareness
  • Working at Heights Awareness
  • Supplimentary Management up-skill training
  • Team Building. How to manage GREAT Teams

  • Ancillary Licensed Training New Induction and Refresher
  • Ancillary Licensed Labour Supply Agencies Training all levels
  • Removal or Works for the Trades including practical training specific to occupation HSG210 / HSG189/2
  • Duty to Manage
  • NEW 2010 DIY Enthusiast Awareness Courses
  • BACK TO BASIC's bespoke up-skill courses from Operative to Director
  • None site facing training for administration staff
  • Enclosure Entry Only for engineers and service personnel